About Us

Discover our story and everything we wish to develop in the future together with you and our partners.

Who are we?

team member

Paul M.

Paul and his wife run the travel blog cherryontheworld.com. He has already taken a sabbatical year visiting 5 continents and plans to bring all the beautiful accommodation experiences into the properties we manage.

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Ovidiu K.

Ovidiu has worked all his life in tourism, graduated an MBA from the Maastricht School of Management and one of his roles is to implement a successful strategy within the company.

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Geanina C.

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Cristina D.

Where we started from

After twenty visited countries, hundreds of nights spent in hotels and Airbnb-s, 14 sabbatical months in Asia, Australia and New Zealand, many, many years of sustained work in tourism and interior design, we thought about gathering all this experience in the Flat White Properties Project. We are a property management entrepreneurial company: apart-hotels, penthouses, guest houses, hotels, individual apartments.

How we came up with the idea

14 th of May 2020, in the morning, Libertății Park in Oradea, next to a cup of flatwhite, we discovered that we both have the same idea: a start-up for properties management in a hotel regime. As in the famous flatwhite, where milk complements, but also completes coffee, our philosophy has been from the very beginning to create added value to all the properties we manage in order to offer beautiful experiences to our tourists, each time.

Where we want to get

Our vision is to become regional leaders in operating and managing properties in the domain of alternative hospitality.

How we want to get there

Our mission is to add value to the units we manage in a transparent, professional ans sustainable manner towards the owner. We do this by offering and developing continuously beautiful experiences to guests who choose to accommodate in the units managed by us.

Our values

Our reliable team

The passion for what we do and the way we support and learn from each other define the FlatWhite Properties team.