Premium management services without worries!

Forget completely about the stress of maintaining a property in hotel regime, FlatWhite Properties takes over all routine tasks and gives you all the management control.


Frequently asked questions about our services

Whether we answer or not all your questions, the FlatWhite team encourages you to contact us in order to present you all the aspects.


Why real estate in hotel regime?

You obtain constant incomes, a higher efficiency and a reduced wear compared to a classical rent.


Why FlatWhite?

Over 15 years of tourism and 10 years of design and interior design dedicated to our premium clients. Passion and responsibility. Control over properties and operations in a transparent manner.


Why are we different?

We pay attention to the personalized needs of each client, owner or tourist. We implement a standardized cleaning and disinfection procedure for each location. We are continuously improving the range of additional services.


How do I have control over the property and bookings?

As an owner you will have access to the booking platform, where you will be able to follow in real time the status of each booking as well as the level of the monthly income.


How are the properties maintained and cleaned?

After each check-out, the dedicated team checks the condition of the unit and its inventory. Subsequently, they apply our cleaning and disinfection protocol on all surfaces, thus ensuring the lowest possible degree of wear and high control over your property.

Forget about taking care
of a property, it’s on us!